How to spot fake Lady Million Paco Rabanne?

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To tell if perfume is genuine you can follow our general guide for perfumes

For this guide we used Lady Million Paco Rabanne Eau De Parfum  Vaporisateur Spray 80 ml. The replica was made very professionally, and it was hard to detect the counterfeit producer’s mistakes.

How to detect fake Lady Million Paco Rabanne

How to detect fake Lady Million Paco Rabanne

How to tell if Lady Million Paco Rabanne is fake

How to tell if Lady Million Paco Rabanne is fake

How to spot counterfeit Lady Million Paco Rabanne

How to spot counterfeit Lady Million Paco Rabanne

Box inspection

We have examined the packaging. There were no spelling mistakes, bar code and text format were identical. The only difference was the quality of the box. Fake Lady Million was packed in a matt gold box, but for the genuine perfume a shiny gold box was used.

How to spot fake Lady Million Paco Rabanne

How to spot fake Lady Million Paco Rabanne

Spray inspection

First of all I have to say that the spray of the fake bottle did not work properly. It sprayed a little, but at the same time bottle become wet.

Genuine Lady Million has a smaller hole for the spray.

The spray of genuine Lady Million from Paco Rabanne

The spray of genuine Lady Million from Paco Rabanne

The spray hole of the fake Lady Million is bigger and more round. You can seen inside through it.

The spray of the counterfeit Lady Million from Paco Rabanne

The spray of the counterfeit Lady Million from Paco Rabanne

There is Paco Rabanne’s name on the back of the spray.

On an original bottle the name was impressed.

Genuine Paco Rabanne

Genuine Paco Rabanne

It was a different story with fake Lady Million

Fake Paco Rabanne

Fake Paco Rabanne

Cap inspection

The cap of the fake feels more like plastic, but the original Lady Million feels like metal. The colour of middle part was uneven.

How to tell if Lady Million is fake

How to tell if Lady Million is fake

The authentic cap looks smooth and even

The cap of the of authentic Lady Million

The cap of the of authentic Lady Million

The replica has extra edges

Fake perfume

Fake perfume

The original cap has small pins on corners. Edges of cap are perfectly polished.

The cap of the genuine Paco Rabanne

The cap of the genuine Paco Rabanne

The fake does not have those pins. Edges of cap look unfinished.

The cap of counterfeit perfume

The cap of counterfeit perfume

Bottle inspection

The bottle of genuine perfume has straight lines

The bottle of original Lady Million

The bottle of original Lady Million

The edges of the fake fragrance bottle are uneven and curvy. The glass is a little bit blurry.

The bottle of fake Lady Million

The bottle of fake Lady Million

Inspection of content

Sometimes content of bottle can be uneven, but in this case one cannot tell the difference in colour.

Detect the fake fragrance

Detect the fake fragrance

We have sprayed hands with perfume from different bottles. The first impression was that the bouquets were similar, but within minutes the difference was more noticeable. Within a few hours the fake fragrance disappeared, but the authentic Lady Million was there even next day.


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  1. James

    I was sure I bought a fake bottle on eBay. Your page here has 100% confirmed I was right. Thanks for this detailed information.

    • Paula

      Hello there my uncle has just brought me an 80ml back from Florida I don’t want to offend by asking if he got in duty free or market etc the price is 59,99 US dollars on the box I have a 30ml original from house off raiser it smells the same, the box says. Eau de parfum and the paco rabanne is indented in to the lid no protruding! However it is darker I have only a little left in my 30ml bottle so cannot really compare, I will not wear fake perfume so want to be sure it’s real ! The lid is different than my 30 ml as the whole top comes off of my 30ml, but even after looking at your pictures I’m still not convinced it’s the real deal ,? Are there any more things to look out for?

      • Callum

        Are you sure the 30ml was not Eau De toilette as the Eau De Parfum is stronger so therefore will be darker in colour, hope this helps

        • marcia

          i also bought a fake one at joburg street and the first time i saw it i was sure it was the real one until i bought an original bottle at Edgars then i realised the difference

  2. Karen

    Yet again i was sure i purchased a genuine bottle of Lady Million of ebay… but it was a fake, and thanks to your website i could confirm it 100%.
    One thing to note, i also noticed with the fake perfume the colour of the perfume is allot darker, and to me the first sprays of the fake perfume, where horrid, then once settled it did kinda of smell like it!
    Thanks ever so much for the detailed information, seller could not could not argue the case and a refund was give…

  3. Nathalie

    Yep, I bought a fake too from ebay and will be opening a claim thanks to this info. I have all of the points mentioned above but the perfume also burns my skin! I agree the fake perfume is darker too.

    I will be using this site to help me reclaim my money.

  4. Marie

    I am so sad!! I bought this fake perfume for 35 dollars! I started suspecting because the smell was really different. What a huge dissapointment !1 I am so gutted, what a horrible day…… I had no idea there were such convincing fake imitations out there

  5. Lisa

    I too have just received a fake bottle of this, and paid over £35. I was sure it was genuine, and was told it was. I also have a genuinne bottle of this, and have compared the 2 from the differences above. The colour of the fake perfume is more orange, think ill buy it from boots etc in future,
    thanks for your good advice.
    Gonna email the seller and let her know and hope to get a refund.

  6. Joanne

    I recieved my 80ml bottle of lady million this morning chuffed with the £36.99 price for a bottle this size excitedly opening up to a big dissapointment 100% fake this site has proved that the smell is disgusting its nothing at all like the original you can hardly smell anything at all the bottle is everything the fake looks like on here its really upset me as this was a birthday gift just shows you although it may cost more in a shop at least you know its genuine!

  7. June


  8. Joanne

    I have opened a case on ebay yet the seller is arguing the toss with me refusing to refund my money until they have recieved the rubbish back which i have sent they say its only fair trading law ok so is it fair trading law that you sell counterfit goods to people who think they are getting a good deal wow!

    • Robert

      It may be to late, however, if the seller does ask for the item to be sent back it is actually agenst the law to send any counterfit item through UK postal services. You can use this to your advantage when dealing with disputes.

  9. maria :)

    this is the exact reason i decided NOT to buy from ebay!!! i went to boots after seeing all the fakes on ebay!! I PAID £65 FOR 80ML FROM BOOTS….but dont think buying for that price ensures it to be real from ebay or amazon and especially ioffer!!! its all from china and is fake, just buy from boots or pefrume shop and if you havent the time to go shopping get it delivered. scent mall is another big scam they all sell fakes.

  10. Natalie in Texas

    Thanks to your website and a national retailer that is local (Sephora) I have been able to authenticate the ‘liquid’ I was sold for $37.94 (BUY IT NOW price) by patket8484 (eBay seller) a few days ago. I have begun a dialogue with eBay for resolution as of a few moments ago. This seller is constantly replenishing his inventory, as I have observed these past few days while waiting for my purchased-in-good-faith item to arrive, so I feel certain he is fully aware he is selling fake, trademarked, designer goods and is blatantly passing them off as authentic. I will be contacting the Federal Trade Commission and filing a complaint against this seller as I have his full name, address, etc. since receiving the fake perfume in the mail earlier today. This seller is also using licensed, stock photos as his representation of the Paco Rabanne Lady Million >:O I’m also going to contact Paco Rabanne corporate headquarters in the US and give them all the information I have so they can pursue this seller as they are better prepared financially to go after people who make counterfeits. Most of the time people just want refunds and let things go but if this were something I created and spent many years building my reputation in the couture realm, I’d want to know who dared to pass off fakes as items I spent much thought AND MONEY creating, licensing, trademarking, marketing, etc. Again, thanks to for being a watchdog for the community-at-large!

    • Aura Alba

      Absolutely you’re right we as customers deserve to be treated so way better, I just will add that after we filed that complain on also filed a complain online to whoever State Attorney is I’m in Chicago so is Lisa Madigan and guess what, they fight, they will call those “fakers” and turn them off their shady businesses as we speak.

      Don’t just ask for refunds go deeper cause this isn’t right at all, it is actually by law selling counterfeit goods as they are “originals” and making money out of it… Make sense right.

      By the way last tip: it is seems too good to be thruth; it is because it isn’t.

  11. Sarah

    I am now 100% I bought a fake on ebay! Thank you!

    • Sarah

      Seller is: Member ID vlad212vadims
      I have filed a dispute. If he argues and want the item back before refunding, then I will confirm that it is illigal to to send any counterfit item through UK postal services. I will also contact Paco Rabanne corporate headquarters and give them every single detail so they can seek legal action against them. It’s disgusting that people do this DISGUSTING, and I am the wrong person to sell it to. I will fight my socks off!

      • I sell these fakes on eBay and some people are just happy to get something that’s smells same at a cheaper price

        • Mattee

          It’s illegal to sell counterfeit products Chris!!!! As it states on ur eBay selling page each time u list an item and I bet you don’t list as a fake either do u??? So u sell to ur customers on the basis of them buying a genuine product

  12. Vic

    On the packaging of the fake one, just underneath where it says ‘paco rabanne’, it says ‘EAU DE TOILETTE’ instead of ‘EAU DE PARFUM’

  13. Theresa

    I received a bottle yesterday and after smelling it was suspicious so went onto this site which confirmed my fears.I also compared it to a bottle I purchased in duty free which makes the differences much easier to spot.On comparison its so obviously a fake its laughable.
    I have e mailed the seller ( E bay) and opened a dispute via paypal.
    His responce was to escalate the dispute and refuse me a refund as I had left negative feedback to protect others from purchasing this item.
    He said had I not done that he would have refunded me my money, so now I have to fight to get it back.
    I was not aware the issues in regard to sending the item back , so thank you for that .
    If anybody has any ideas how to get writen evidence from an expert please let me know.

  14. robert

    Chris! How can you sell fakes like that? It is unbelievable!!!

  15. Svetoslava

    Thanks to this site, I’m sure mine is real. I bought it from Greese for 58 euro + Body lotion.

  16. Caroline

    Thank you now i am sure that mine is original i bought it for 80$ with shower gel and lotion

  17. Suzanne

    Recently I bought a 80ml bottle from Ebay for my daughter’s Xmas for £35. At age(17) She wanted to open this gift ‘early’ to compare with (Debenhams) Original 80ml bottle for birthday gift – as she had read about identifying fakes on this website. To my horror she announced ‘Mum it’s a FAKE’ and it was such a ridiculous copy – Paco Rabanne (logo reversed on top of bottle spray lid) I was gutted but she was thrilled to have spotted a fake and was not upset with me. Contacted seller who claimed to be unaware that it was a Copy and offered an immediate refund on receipt of item. I had no idea it was illegal to return the item via post. I’ve shopped on Ebay for years and find it to be a Trusted Site – them and PayPal always resolve any dispute and return your money – Make sure your seller has 100% rating and has sold perfume with success.

  18. emily

    i recently bought 80ml from ebay for £35. i sprayed it and it wasnt as nice as i remembered, and so had my suspicions that it was a fake. after reading this, i am still not sure whether it is a fake or not- some of the point suggest it is fake, but others suggest it is authentic, although for the price and my doubts i am thinking it is fake.

    suzanne- since you posted only a few days ago for the same price- your seller wasn’t called liasshop-uk? if so, i will know mine is fake too- thanks!

  19. emily

    ohh the whole lid had fallen off, so i’m now sure it is a fake! but would still be good to hear back form you suzanne with the name of your seller!

  20. Amber

    I bought one too but mine says “women million” instead of “Lady Million”. Dont know if its fake though and i need to know because i bought it as a wedding gift for my friend for £35. HELP!

    • Moet

      Its Definately a Fake…there is no Fragrance called Women Million…
      Get it Replaced or Refunded…

  21. Katrina

    Hi all – during May 2013 I bought 3 Lady Million x 80 ml for family members (wanted all to have the same). 2 were fake and 1 was genuine. Fake box (From Turkey) slightly smaller than genuine, the other from seller on Ebay and who lives in Cumbria, and she is STILL even today selling fake goods as Paco Rabanne on ebay on a “buy it now” basis. Have contacted ebay to ask why they are allowing this to happen. Her “stuff” is made in People’s Republic of China so it says on the bottom of the box!!!

    Opened cases on both and both still pending, tho on the one from Cumbria ebay tell me they have ruled in our favour! I have also written to Paco Rabanne in France – they have acknowledge and are investigating in the appropriate Department, and I have written to Trading Standards in Cumbria asking them to investigate. Want to try and make sure others don’t get ripped off too.

    The one from Turkey – well that seller has now been de-registered and hopefully refund should be forthcoming from PayPal.

    So folks – persevere. In future tho if I want to watch or buy then I will check and read carefully the feedbacks – they tell so much and if I had done this in the first place I might not be in this situation!!!!!!

  22. Patsy

    Hi, I’ve just received a bottle of Lady Million from good old ebay & as well as it being fake, it’s top is broken & the smell isn’t anything like the real one. I’ve just checked it against all the pics you’ve got on here & it’s screaming out as a fake! The seller is called szabi198210. They have it detailed as being posted from Warminster but it bloody arrived today from Hungary! The cheeky buggers even added a piece of fudge! This seller has sold other perfumes but I guess everyone else is happy with what they’ve got. I am not! I have been so excited waiting but sooo disappointed now it’s arrived! I did message the seller yesterday asking where it was as I bought it on June 19th! They said it was returned to them on Friday in the post but that they’ve sent it first class this morning. What a joke….It’s never even made it to another English address other than mine! I’m waiting for a response now & if I don’t get a full refund, there will be hell to pay. I guess the saying is true, if it looks too good, it probably is! This site is fabulous though! Really appreciate having something like this to confirm my suspicions. Cheers xx

  23. Nicole

    I bought a bottle of limited edition couture do Paco Rebanne make this ?

  24. saba

    I bought the fake one 🙁
    it costs 550,000 rials :((

  25. polly

    I bought mine..80ml for 35 pounds from a large commercial…its reall….wel chuffed!!!

  26. Erika

    Can the original bottle be opened in anyway and then closed? I recently bought a lady million from ebay but from the description above it is original, but I fear its been tampered with since I saw something small floating in the perfume -.-

  27. Emily

    I have absolutely no sympathy for those of you who tried buying it on the cheap off of ebay. The retailers price will not go up or down by more than a small amount unless it’s on an undersale, in a clearance or in an actual sale in a store. NEVER buy fragrance online unless it’s from a store or an actual retailer online. Trying to get bargains on things like this never, ever works. On top of that the companies are trying to make money themselves so they can keep providing fragrances like this to you. If you can’t afford it, there’s something for everyones price range!!!



  29. Sarah

    Hi there,

    You know what, it’s so unfair to degrade someone by saying, ”your buying on the cheap” I too have been duped and I researched and paid the actual price, so be warned people they are getting clever. They have renamed the perfume ”woman millions”
    The whole reason for eBay is so that people can re-sell items they don’t want, raise that extra bit of money etc, so to be so hotheaded towards others that have been duped is very unfair.
    I being an ex cop, researched and read previous feedback etc, but that’s how they do it, slip a fake item in now and again and hopefully no one will realise, this is an outlet, a shop a researched, so, it would seem it doesn’t matter what you do, it can happen to anyone.
    I read on the eBay website about returning the items and a girl was slatted as, quite rightly, she pointed out, that to return the item, makes you an accessory to the fraud.. Why is it when a decent person gets duped, tries to be a good person in reporting the seller and not returning the item, someone stated… ”What a waste of time, just get a refund and shut up”
    The whole reason, our retail chains, have so many issues, is because people have this attitude. Good on the girl for standing her ground, at least this way, someone else will think twice about selling a fake. But what do I do, my perfume is something called… ‘Woman millions’ no maker etc, anyone know what I should do… And before you ask yes I paid £80 for it…

  30. abigail adesina nigeria.

    Where will I buy it in Nigeria to be sure am not buying a fake pls?

  31. lindsay

    I really don’t know why it’s still getting sold and many thanks to this site xxx

  32. lindsay

    I really do hope people have a look at this site before purchasing any lady million products so many thanks for everyone’s comments xx

  33. chris philips

    i have received a fake as a christmas present all the packaging the bottle and even the
    corner pins are there the only thing is that the smell only last for an hour but normally it last all day that is the only why i could tell mine was fake this to was purchased from ebay

  34. Gill

    I purchased a slightly used 80ml bottle from a private eBay seller as I was coming to the end of my current bottle. It came in a box that had clearly seen better days , but the packaging did not deter me from purchasing it as I often discard the boxes and keep my fragrances in a drawer to protect them from sunlight. I recognised the ‘ Lady Million ‘ as non-authentic straightaway, as the colour of the fragrance was darker and the fragrance itself barely discernible, the aperture for the spray is also slightly larger and having now checked this web site my suspicions were confirmed because there are no pin indentations and the logo is not embossed.
    I understand from the seller that the perfume was given to her as a gift about a year ago. I am also going to take it to Debenhams where my previous (authentic) bottle was purchased, for further advice. I was told that they are interested in returning non authentic fragrances to the manufacturers but unfortunately the eBay seller cannot tell me from where the gift was purchased. I got my fingers burned and won’t buy fragrances again from eBay although I believe that the seller did not realise it was non-authentic.

  35. boryana

    somebody help!i bought tester 33ml says original but im suspecting i got scammed!is it possible to have tester 33ml?any help appreciated x

  36. Claudia

    You all may buy it from Elysian because it’s really cheap and I think is not fake at all.

  37. Alloosh

    Mine is original,, I am so happy,, thank you,,

  38. Andrew

    Bought an 80ml bottle of Lady Million from a seller on Ebay, checked his feedback and had several positive for the same product so thought it would be safe but on arrival I checked against all the faults listed here and sure enough everything was wrong, the box and wrapping were perfect but inside was a different story. Ended up buying another from a legit source and compared the two directly and you could see straight away it was fake. Opened a complaint through Ebay and the seller refunded within a couple of hours without asking for it to be returned so I think that says it all! seller id is tudd5652 so steer clear.
    One other thing to note that is not mentioned in the faults above is the tube that the perfume is sucked up through, on an original it is clear and goes straight down whereas on the fake it was opaque and curved up to about halfway up the bottle. Hope this helps somebody not to make same mistake as me, avoid tudd5652 on ebay at all costs.

  39. Sophia Bowman

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knows if the perfume that is sold on if it is real or fake. Thanks

  40. Kelvin Malanda

    I also gat a wrong one from Lusaka Cairo road

  41. Julia bird

    Hi,,can you get a bottle of lady million with a removable lid instead of fixed or is it a fake,,,thankyou

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