How to spot fake perfume?

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How to detect fake perfume?

How to spot fake fragrance?

Fake perfume has become a worldwide problem, not only for producers, but for end users as well. There is a big chance to buy counterfeit fragrance if you are looking for a bargain. We are going to give you a few tips that will help you to buy an authentic perfume.

The seller must be reliable.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are buying from reliable seller. A guy selling a number of different brands on a street for 20 dollars isn’t one of them. It is difficult to check if perfume is genuine if you are buying online. Buy only from website you trust or have used before.

The price should be reasonable.

If you have found a bargain at half the price of the original fragrance, it is better to walk away. Genuine perfume can be found cheaper than prices at a conventional store, but it cannot be very cheap. No one can produce high quality perfume at a very low cost.

The packaging must be accurate.

You have to examine the text on the box and box itself. Fake fragrances usually come from producers who don’t understand English. They just buy authentic perfume and make a replica. Spelling mistakes usually come on the way. Inspect the cellophane wrapper. It has to be applied perfectly without signs of glue.

The bottle must be perfect.

Each perfume has uniquely designed bottle, which is very hard to copy. Check the size and form of the bottle and the thickness and clarity of the glass. Make sure the edges of the cap are even. Keep in mind that perfume companies do not save money on bottles. If they want you to buy their perfume, they will make bottle perfect. If it looks too plastic or cheaply made – it is a replica.

The perfume must be even.

It is necessary to check the appearance of the liquid in the bottle. It has to be even and transparent.

The bouquet must be long lasting.

If you bought a fake perfume, smell is the biggest give away. Genuine perfume has three layers: head notes, heart notes and base notes. Each layer reaching the nose at the right time. Fake fragrances usually have only head notes that can be smelled at first, but do not last. Besides producers of counterfeit do not have the correct formula of the bouquet, they just guess at the components to imitate. The smell can be easily checked if you compare it to the smell from an original tester in a department store.

With time producers of counterfeit products are becoming more experienced and sometimes make fakes so well that it is very difficult to spot. Some people use fake products and are not aware of that. More protected are people who buy second bottle of perfume when first one is coming to the end. They have something to compare with. Those people return more fake products than others.

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  1. Auntie Rosie

    I thought I had got a real bargain in a charity shop :
    ‘Eau de Rochas’, £2.50……I thought , well some poor person may have died, and relatives may have just donated it to charity….
    I loved ‘Madame Rochas’, years ago, and hoped Eau de Rochas would be equally nice….opened it , sprayed, what a stink ! The stereotypical ‘cheap scent’ smell, most disappointing….Looked on the Net, compared bottles & labels : similar but not exactly the same. So did I get a fake?
    Could anyone please tell me generally what does the REAL ‘Eau de Rochas’ smell like?
    Is it light, flowery? Or ‘heavy’ ?
    I adored Elizabeth Arden’s ‘Eau Fraiche’, but they discontinued it…
    now I just eke out the last few drops on very special occaisions.
    Does anyone know of a current perfume that is very similar to
    Eliz’ Arden’s gorgeous ‘Eau Fraiche’?
    Thank you.

    • Siouxsie

      Hi there

      I bought some Eau de Rochas duty free when travelling France some years back and I will have a miniature of the fragrance. It’s quite light and fresh; VERY pale in colour with the slightest hint of yellow and it’s a really inoffensive scent that no-one would really complain about – slightly lemony I guess, like a very fresh man’s aftershave but really light.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. Charlie

    Many sellers online are now selling TESTERS at phenomenal prices. That’s a problem. the Testers don’t come in a box, which you could inspect for misspellings, which is Very common! I Used to be a Quality Control inspector for 14 yrs. So I look for details. ( thickness of cardboard container is also a giveaway ).
    I recently bought Cartier colognes for men at 27.00 ea. Fantastic price , right? They don’t last and to top it off, they didn’t even come in the Unlabeled “tester” boxes. So rather than selling “genuine” colognes in counterfeit boxes, they label FAKE colognes as testers.

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